I think that this is my best work to date. I created Nailed  in my thesis year in University.

It is a mould of my friend Todd. I took his mould in packing tape that I learned from Mark Jenkins website. I covered the packing tape with strips of burlap in a paper mache style. Then removed the packing tape and coated the burlap in resin. I wanted to make the inside visible so cut the middle section out of the burlap shell. Using a drill i made holes all over the whole piece and inserted roofing nails.

From the outside it is very beautiful. Mimicking sequence or a suit of armour. The inside is all shadow and full of metal spikes. It has an opposite visual effect than the outside.

The position the sculpture is sitting in suggests a state of defeat, sadness or giving up.

It can be interpreted as a figure itself or as a suit to be worn.

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